Company Profile

Highwater Capital Management Corp. is an Asset Management firm focused on achieving consistent absolute returns throughout various market conditions by investing primarily in the equity securities of mid and large capitalization entities listed on major securities exchanges in Canada and the United States. The manager seeks to maintain a moderate level of risk and reduce the volatility of returns by diversifying its investments by sector, asset class, strategy and other identified sources of risk and employing options strategies, short positions, event/activist driven strategies and seeking special situations with attractive expected risk adjusted return parameters. The Manager will employ a disciplined, fundamental, value biased securities selection approach with an emphasis on generating consistent portfolio income through varying sources including dividends, income generating option strategies and active portfolio management. A priority is placed on capital preservation engaging in tactical asset allocation and hedging strategies. In addition, the Managers' interests are directly aligned with its clients through a performance based incentive structure as well as its significant investment.

Highwater Capital Management Corp. strives to offer a value added approach to be both unique and profitable to our clients. The Highwater Diversified Opportunities Fund has significantly outperformed peers and benchmarks in risk adjusted and absolute returns.

RRSP eligible Highwater Diversified Trust Fund is now available at leading Canadian Investment Dealers

You can access information about the Highwater Diversified Opportunities Fund on globefund.com
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